Is the Python binding for ncurses unicode capable?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Sat Jan 21 00:10:32 CET 2006

Thomas Dickey wrote:
> Both libraries respond to locale.  But ncurses only deals in single-byte
> encodings, e.g., ISO-8859-1 through ISO-8859-15.  ncursesw supports that,
> but adds support for multi-byte encodings, e.g., UTF-8.  For the latter,
> one can also have characters that combine (a printable character combined
> with other characters that overlay it or combine to form a new character).
> ncurses stores the character data in one byte per cell.
> ncursesw requires more than one byte per cell.
> That's the reason for two libraries.
> But since ncurses (not ncursesw) doesn't know about multibyte encoding,
> it can't do anything related to the locale for those.

How could I tell the difference? I'm trying to render UTF-8 text with
ncurses (5.5) on Debian unstable, and it seems to work just fine.


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