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> Simon Brunning wrote:
>> On 1/24/06, Cyril Bazin <cyril.bazin at info.unicaen.fr> wrote:
>> > Does someone ever tried (and succeed) to make an address like
>> > "www.website.py".
>> > I found that the .py extension is given to the paraguay.
>> >
>> > I found this link ( http://www.nic.py/) but I don't speak spanish...

I can read some...

> Last time I saw, the domains were very expension (about $500) and only
> available to those resident in Paraguay...

As of today, registration/renewal is 200,000 Guarani = $32.71 at interbank 

Foreign entities (but perhaps not individuals) can apply via a local 
representative or at least a local billing agent (such as on NIC_PY's ISP 
list) .  I have the impression (but am not sure) that names would actually 
be website.com.py (or .org.py for a nonprofit).  Names can be rejected for 
reasons like belonging to someone else.  A DNS (or DNSes) must be specified 
to indicate intention to use the name rather than just 'park' it.  A 
justification more specific than 'website' must be included and will be 
read and judged.

Inquiries can be sent to dnsadmin at nic.py .  I don't know how they would 
respond to the idea of punning .py.

Terry J. Reedy

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