Data Crunching and Charting....

tbonejo at tbonejo at
Sun Jan 29 00:42:59 CET 2006

Hi all.

Question: I have a project nearly complete written in VB.Net using
charts from 3rd party vendors...expensive, yes, fast, not really. The
data I am plotting is about 30 columns by 3000-9000 rows, all in a tab
delimited file(43 files total). My question is whether or not I can
accomplish the same in Python utilizing Matplotlib or Chaco for
plotting, at a much faster speed. In my app it takes a while to loop
through all the rows/columns to plot the data. Im just curious whether
there may be a big boost in performance using python. Also I use
spreadsheet style grids for displaying data. I was looking at the grid
control for wxpython and that seems a nice fit. Anyone with experience
with it have any opinions, Id appreciate them. Alot of the programming
I do deals with crunching data and charting it. Sometimes I wonder
whether python would be a much better canidate for this type of work
rather than what Im using now.



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