Decoupling the version of the file from the name of the module.

Xavier Morel xavier.morel at
Sun Jan 29 18:11:42 CET 2006

bobueland at wrote:
> Now suppose I have make a new version with __version__ = 1.1. What
> shall I call this file and (I don't want to overwrite the old file if I
> need to go back to it) how do I import it from the shell. Your advice
> sounds nice, but I would appreciate if you could give me (or point me
> to) a simple example.
> Thanks

As Kirk, Roy and Peter suggested (nay, commanded), use a versioning 
system, either CVS or Subversion for example (both are quite simple, 
Subversion has a 1 click installer for Windows boxes, and there is a 
small book/user manual with it so that you're not lost), they'll do what 
you need (keep the old versions around "just in case") and much more to 
boot. Spending a day or two learning about how the versioning system 
you'll have chosen work is an investment that you'll get back tenfold in 
no time, so don't get intimidated or scared.

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