HOWTO Send a string???

Sbaush sbaush at
Mon Jan 23 09:02:07 EST 2006

Hi all.
In my application I have to do implement a lot of networking in python
My application can create with a GUI a XML file in a string.(and now my
application can do it wow!!)
This string has to be sended to another host. i need a python application
that send this string via UDP.
The packet of this communication is |int|payload| where payload is the XML
After the send my application has to wait for a response and has to receive
For the heaven it should be implemented with separated thread. A thread
send/receive while another indipendent thread do same.

Have you any ideas to do it more simply as possible?
What is the best way to di it??
What is the best way to thread programming in python?

Thanks all for your help with me!
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