Try Python update

Devan L devlai at
Sun Jan 1 23:46:04 CET 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:
> After spending time I should have been sleeping working on it, the try
> python site is much more functional. It now allows statements,
> including multi-line statements and expressions. You can't create code
> objects yet, so it's still more a programmable calculator than
> anything real.
> I've got some of the tutorial text (literally) up as well. I hope to
> make it easier to read the tutorial and interact with python at the
> same time in the near future.
> The url is Reports of
> problems would appreciated.
> If you want to try an online P{ython tool that lets you save code, try
> Devan L's at

My code uses one of the recipes from the Python Cookbook, 7.6 Pickling
Code Objects. It's limited to closures though, just like in the recipe.
So uh, you can't write closures in mine.

On a side note, my brother has tinkered with the C internals and now
__subclasses__ is restricted and many, many os and posix commands are
restricted (not that you can get them anyways, since importing is

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