Getting better traceback info on exec and execfile - introspection?

R. Bernstein rocky at
Mon Jan 16 05:10:42 CET 2006

Fernando Perez < at> writes:
> I thought a little about this.  One possibility ...

Thanks. A sibling thread has the code I'm currently using. 

> Oh, that's because you're using %run, so your code is in complete control. 
> What I meant about a restriction ...

> If you are interested in ipython integration,

Yes I am.

> I suggest the ipython-dev list as a better place for discussion: I only
> monitor on occasion, so I may well miss things here.

Okay now subscribed. But interestingly I looked in the IPython PDF and
didn't see mention of it when looking for contact info. I do however
see it (now) listed on Thanks again.

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