Fast generation of permutations

Paul Rubin http
Wed Jan 25 19:03:09 CET 2006

Frode Øijord <frodo at> writes:
> > cards = range(52)
> > for (hand) in probstat.Combination(card, 5):
> >   pass
> > Takes 1.3 seconds on my laptop instead of 17 seconds for the pure
> > python version which is only one order of magnitude faster.
> This is *exactly* what i wanted! I just installed it and the hand
> generation is down to around 1.2 seconds now, and that I can live with :)

Note that you're looking at 24x more hands than you really need to,
since poker hand evaluation doesn't change if you re-label the four
suits.  It's not like bridge, where spades beat hearts and so forth.

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