New to Python, WxPython etc, etc

Heiko Wundram modelnine at
Tue Jan 3 17:50:27 CET 2006

rodmc wrote:

> I am totally new to Python and WxPython and need to write an
> application which can open up an external windows from a plug-in within
> GAIM (using pyGAIM).
> <snip>
> "app = MyApp(0)
> app.MainLoop()"

You're trying to merge to event loops. GAIM uses the GTK2+ based loop,
whereas WxPython uses its own event loop. As you're starting the WxPython
main loop to service your program, no GUI events (such as displaying a
window) can get processed for GAIM. This is exactly what you're seeing.

I don't know how to patch into GAIM's event loop, but you should look for
some place where integration of pygtk and pygaim is discussed. wxPython
won't get you very far here.

--- Heiko.

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