Python or Java or maybe PHP?

Cameron Laird claird at
Mon Jan 2 15:08:02 EST 2006

In article <1h8ia95.qy2gkbzh9jmcN%aleax at>,
Alex Martelli <aleax at> wrote:
		[much valuable and
		correct detail that
		somehow managed to 
		avoid mentioning
		Forth or Smalltalk]
>Despite the many differences of detail (mostly, though not exclusively,
>details of "syntax sugar"), I consider Ruby and Python to be essentially
>equivalent *as languages*, so I would suggest you choose on a strictly
>pragmatical basis -- quality of framework and library, execution speed,
>tools, books, third-party extensions, &c.  I see it as a tribute to both
I think it's worth repeating, Alex, a point you've made in the
past, and that tangentially supports your elided example about
"c = d unless ...":  it's possible to distinguish Python from
Ruby in another way.  Python is arguably better for group work,
or at least more standard for team projects, because it more
consistently exposes "one correct solution", while Ruby both 
admits more stylistic variation, *and* encourages construction
of novel control structures.

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