Using non-ascii symbols

Christoph Zwerschke cito at
Tue Jan 24 17:02:01 CET 2006

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Sure, but I can't find OS X listed as a prerequisite for using Python. So,
> while I don't give a damn if those symbols are going to be supported by Python,
> I don't think the plain ASCII version should be deprecated. There are too many
> situations where it's still useful (coding across old terminals and whatnot).

I think we should limit the discussion to allowing non-ascii symbols 
*alternatively* to (combinations of) ascii chars. Nobody should be 
forced to use them since not all editors/OSs and keyboards support it.

Think about moving from ASCII to LATIN-1 or UTF-8 as similar to moving 
from ISO 646 to ASCII (

I think it is a legitimate question, after UTF-8 becomes more and more 

Editors could provide means to easily enter these symbols once 
programming languages start supporting them: Automatic expansion of 
ascii combinations, Alt-Combinations (like in OS-X) or popup menus with 
all supported symbols.

-- Christoph

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