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Obaid R. yhdanid at
Thu Jan 19 03:05:18 CET 2006

Steve Holden:

> The history of this choice is lost in the mists of time. Many other
> proposals were made and discussed at around the same time, to the extent
> that it became clear no one choice could win universal approval.
>You are the first person to my knowledge to point out that it is shaped
>like a cross. There is no significance in this shape.
>Is there, I ask with some trepidation, a specific point to this question?

Thanks for the clarification.

I hope it is not counted against me that I am the first one to point
out that the logo is shaped like a cross. There might be many
explanations for this; but sooner or later a person with a different
background than the ones you knew would have likely noted the same.
With that said, however, none of this affects the point that the logo
is indeed shaped like I note. (Even the red cross of the International
Committee of the Red Cross is shaped like a plus sign:

And why ask with any trepidation, Steve? People of different
backgrounds have dissimilar sensitivities. I hope you agree that it
would be unfair to blame people for such deeply personal affairs. If
trepidation on the part of even the Red Cross was enough to cancel such
sensitivities, we would not have had a Red Crescent or a cooperation
between them. If not proving one's subscription to some set of beliefs,
such symbols at least disprove the same for others.

I do realize that I have no say in the decisions affecting Python's
current and future plans. But it makes sense to think that like any
other marketed product, Python must take into consideration the nature
of its target audience. And if it is to appeal to international users,
then points of deep contention are better avoided. Don't you agree? I
am glad the shape has no significance and I thank you for patience.


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