Sockets on Windows and Mac

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jan 10 11:16:33 EST 2006

rodmc wrote:
> I am currently importing the socket library when I write the programs,
> I have had no problems with it on my PC at work, but the Mac at home
> steadfastly refuses to work. 

One rule about asking for help in forums like this is to provide 
adequate background detail about your environment.  Generally that 
includes version numbers of things.  What versions of Python are you 
trying to work with?

Note that the code you posted, from that tutorial, is out of date and 
needs to be fixed for recent versions of Python, where the argument to 
.bind() is a single tuple, not two separate arguments.

Anyway, next time please post snippets of your actual code, with the 
error tracebacks *cut and pasted* right out of your terminal window, so 
that you don't waste our time by making us guess what you're actually 
doing.  That way you'll get quick and accurate assistance and keep 
everyone helping you happy. :-)


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