New website ?

André andre.roberge at
Wed Jan 18 17:15:39 EST 2006

I have read enough "crass" criticisms that I felt I should add my voice
to this discussion...

I can't wait to see the new website go on "live".  No offense to
anyone, but I think that the current website is extremely "amateurish"
and could serve as a deterrent to the promotion of Python [ok, this is
a slight exaggeration ;-)].  As for the proposed new website:

New (good looking) Python logo on the top left: great - conforms to
"standards" in terms of location
Search bar on the top right: same.
(same comments for help and sitemap)

Left navigation: (good location)
- Different links for different target audiences: great
- Various links including news, docs and downloads: great
... (minor nitpick: I wouldn't include a separate link to Python-dev;
it should be reached via
community; simplest is best)

main display:
- idea of having "nice pictures": great
- Short description of what is Python: good... I would expand it a bit
(given the other comments below)
- News on front page: BAD!  (possible exceptions - see below)
- Announcement on front page: BAD!  (as above)
- Using Python for: good
- Written in Python: good ... although I would put it above "Using
Python for".  I believe that "written in Python" is of a more general
nature than "Using Python for", and as such should appear first and be
seen more immediately by the less determined individual browsing the

Regarding news and announcements...  there's nothing that sends an
impression that nothing interesting is happening (Move along! Nothing
to see here...) than "news" that are a few weeks (months?) old.  When
*important* News/Announcements would occur, I would include them
*above* the short description of what Python is good for (just below
the pictures) and only for a week or so - at which point they would be
removed from the front page and accessible by the link on the left.  [I
have rarely seen a site when interesting news posted are changed on a
frequent basis...]

Of course, programmers won't care what the front page looks like (as
long as they easily can find a link to the download section).  Pointed
haired bosses and journalists will... and they are probably the target
audience ;-)


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