Executing script with embedded python

Andrew Ayre andy at nospam.com
Thu Jan 26 10:49:59 EST 2006

"Farshid Lashkari" <flashkNO at SPAMgmail.com> wrote in message
news:cE_Bf.11329$ZA5.11001 at fed1read05...
> > The problem is that PyObject_CallObject always returns NULL. Is this the
> > correct return value for simply executing a script, as there is no
> > return value involved?
> The documentation for PyObject_CallObject states the following:
> "Returns the result of the call on success, or NULL on failure".
> So it seems like the call is failing. My guess would be that modules are
> not callable objects. Also, this seems somewhat redundant since your
> module is effectively executed when you import it using the
> PyImport_Import function.
> -Farshid

Thanks for the reply. The script does execute and do what I want it to do,
without any problems. The only problem is that I get the NULL result. So I
think it is callable.


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