Help me in this please--is Python the answer?

Ray ray_usenet at
Fri Jan 13 02:07:54 CET 2006

Very useful input, Adrian.

Thanks a lot! These are facts that I can use to convince people that
Python is a legit choice for the app I'm developing.

Warm regards,

Adrian  Holovaty wrote:
> Ray wrote:
> > Yes, but this is more of a web application though--something that I've
> > never developed in Python before, so... I'll be evaluating Django
> > shortly--let me see how it compares to Tomcat.
> Performance is one of the key features of Django. For example, I'm
> using Django at for the U.S. Congress Votes
> Database, which has more than 4 million records and is linked-to from
> the home page whenever there's a key congressional
> vote. (
> The server doesn't break a sweat, thanks to Django's
> very-convenient-and-powerful cache system:
> Also, the developers at, a Polish social networking site with
> more than half a million users, have converted various bits of their
> Java code to Python/Django. They've found that Django is not only much
> quicker (and more fun) to develop in, it's also *faster* than Java and
> requires less hardware. E-mail me personally if you want their contact
> information for direct testimonials; we'll be publishing some more
> testimonials publically as we get closer to Django 1.0.
> I would never use TurboGears or Ruby on Rails over Django for any
> performance-intensive Web app. In my opinion, both frameworks make some
> poor design decisions regarding the importance of performance.
> Adrian
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