Spelling mistakes!

Xavier Morel xavier.morel at masklinn.net
Fri Jan 6 11:12:31 EST 2006

KraftDiner wrote:
> I've spent hours trying to find a bug that was a simple spelling
> mistake.
> in an init method I declare a variable  self.someLongName
> later in a different method of the class I use
> self.sumLongName
> Now I really meant self.someLongName.
> In fact I don't want a variable called sumLongName.
> Frankly how are you ever to know if this type of error is occuring?

PyChecker and PyLint sound like the perfect remedy to this issue (I know 
one of them is able to warn you if you *create* an attribute outside of 
__init__, maybe both are but at least one of them is)

I just run them when I save my files, they don't take long and even 
though the default configuration is *extremely* annoying (especially 
PyLint's, it generates heaps of warnings) once configured to one's need, 
they're extremely valuable for both personal and team development.

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