Pythonic wrappers for SQL?

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Sat Jan 14 11:10:32 CET 2006

Kenneth McDonald si è profuso/a a scrivere su comp.lang.python tutte queste

> there any good libraries out there that let one write (basic) queries  
> in a Pythonic syntax, rather than directly in SQL?

You need an ORM. Beyond SQLAlchemy (I don't have experience with it) i
would suggest you try out SQLObject and PyDO.

Just a clue: although they prevent you from writing SQL, you'll have to
learn SQL basics anyway, or you won't understand the docs.

If you simply want to forget SQL, you can try out Axiom:

It's a native object database; it uses sqlite as backend, but that's
totally transparent to the user, you'll never be asked to enter a single
sql statement.

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