Can a simple a==b 'hang' in and endless loop?

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Thu Jan 19 19:30:43 CET 2006

Donn Cave wrote:
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>>You seem here to try to give a definition of the term 'value' for 
>>Python. If I understand it right, the definition of the term can't be 
>>generally given for many reasons. It depends at least on type and in 
>>advanced usage it can be arbitrary defined or changed.
> Yes!
>>That is why I mean, that it makes no sense to talk in Python about 
>>value. I see not much sense in taking existing term in order to redefine 
>>it for a new context - the result is always increase of confusion. Let 
>>give it another name in order to know, that it must be defined for the 
>>context it is used before it becomes meaningful.
>>Any suggestions?
> Aargh, you are so close.  The thing you're talking about is,
> exactly, "value".  The realization you just had, that is so valid,
> is that it is futile to talk about value, per se.  Changing the
> word you use will do nothing to improve this.
That's right, but I mean, that it could help to avoid confusion 
resulting from the fact, that one believes to know the native meaning of 
the term 'value' and tries to apply it to Python.

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