Newbie with some doubts.

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Sat Jan 7 23:34:46 CET 2006

Edgar A. Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Im newbie to Python (I found it three weeks ago) , in fact Im newbie to
> programming. I'm being reading and training with the language, but I
> still wondering about what Classes are used to. Could you please give
> me some examples??
> Thanks.
I don't know any really good examples which were able to demonstrate 
what Classes are good for and I am in programming already for decades.
There is actually no real need for usage of Classes. The notion, that 
they could be useful comes eventually with longer programming experience 
and/or with growing size of the code library. If you can avoid to learn 
about them, at least at the beginning, take the chance - it will save 
you much trouble and help to get things done. I for myself try to avoid 
classes where I can, especially inheritance, because I consider the 
latter in most cases evil. There are sure many others who can't imagin 
to program without classes, so don't conclude that there is a 
contradiction here - it's just the question of taste and not of 
necessity. I suggest, you learn as much as you can about a list and a 
dictionary first and if you have got the idea how to use the latter, you 
have learned more or less also what a Class is.


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