Python or Java or maybe PHP?

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		evidence and so on]
>Finally, there's a camp that pushes static typing up a notch,
>practicing what's called "Design by Contract" (DbC). Languages like
>Eiffel and D incluce DbC facilities. With these, you add extra code
>that provides checks on the preconditions to a method invocation,
>postconditions when it exits, invariants for an object, and various
>conditions on a loop. This help with the DRY principle, as a good set
>of unit tests would check all these things before and after each test,
>so you'd have to code the checks (or invocations of them) for every
>method invocation in every test. With language support, you only code
>them once, and the compiler generates code to check them
>automatically. Again, people who use them swear by them - but have no
>hard data to back up their believes.
... and it's even possible, as has already been hinted
several times in slightly different aspects in this
thread already, to combine these concepts to yield, for
example, DbC practices with a dynamic language such as
Python ("Design By Contract for Python", PyDBC, Contracts
for Python, ...).

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