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JW wilson1442 at
Wed Jan 18 10:00:17 EST 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 00:33:06 -0800, Tim N. van der Leeuw wrote:

> What I especially dislike about the new website are the flashy pictures
> on the front-page with no content and no purpose -- purely boasting but
> nothing to back up your claims.
> (I wouldn't mind some sleek pictures there if they weren't desperatly
> trying to advertise success-stories but instead would link to real
> content!)

Tim the Taller (I presume he's taller; he's Dutch) and the other critics
fail to realize is that no one reads "content".

I'm assured that in print ads the only "content" anyone reads is in
picture captions, and you damn well better make sure your message is
conveyed there. Any other "content" only wastes space. I see no reason to
think that a web page should be designed using any other assumption.

If anything, Tim the Shorter (I presume he's shorter; he's not Dutch) has
too much "content" and too few images.  The beta page is a great
improvement over the current "content-intensive" page.

I recommend David Ogilvy's "Ogilvy on Advertising" for a enthusiastic but
somewhat cynical view of the subject.  It is a very old book, but nothing
about human nature has changed since it was written.

Jim Wilson
Gainesville, FL

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