generating method names 'dynamically'

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jan 26 22:50:31 EST 2006

Daniel Nogradi wrote:
> Well, I would normally do what you suggest, using parameters, but in
> the example at hand I have to have the method names as variables and
> the reason is that the whole thing will be run by apache using
> mod_python and the publisher handler. There a URL
> is mapped to the 'Bob' method of the
> file and I want to be able to have URL's with different
> names. I know I can solve this problem with parameters and functions
> and using the GET http method, but I would like to have pretty URL's
> without & and ? signs. I didn't want to ask this on the mod_python
> list because after all it's a pure python question.

Although I see Michael's answer suits you, there is another option that 
might be simpler, depending on your situation.  Use a Rewrite rule of 
some kind in the Apache configuration to turn the URL with ".../Bob" 
into a URL with "...&name=Bob".  That way this remapping is completely 
outside of your code and you don't complicate the Python side just 
because of the need to make the URLs user-friendly.

I realize this could be impractical depending on how much control you 
have over the web server configuration, your knowledge level with 
Apache, etc...  just a suggestion.


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