Firefox bug in webbrowser module on Ubuntu?!

skip at skip at
Sat Jan 21 15:28:37 CET 2006

    ncf> This section is the cause of the problem:
    ncf>         for browser in ("mozilla-firefox", "mozilla-firebird",
    ncf>                         "mozilla", "netscape"):
    ncf>             if _iscommand(browser):
    ncf>                 register(browser, None, Netscape(browser))

In SVN trunk (aka 2.5a0) this code is

    for browser in ("mozilla-firefox", "firefox",
                    "mozilla-firebird", "firebird",
                    "mozilla", "netscape"):
        if _iscommand(browser):
            register(browser, None, Mozilla(browser))

where Mozilla == Netscape, so your proposed fix appears to be correct.
(Which reminds me, I have a patch to to test...)


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