New website ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jan 19 22:08:24 CET 2006

A.M. Kuchling wrote:

> > The renderer/template engine can deal with that.
> Um... yeah, but how?  We can group pages into folders ('Doc/whatever',
> 'SuccessStories/Whatever'), and then say it'll retrieve 'Doc/Sidebar'
> for the sidebar.  But how could a particular page add more stuff to
> the sidebar?  Maybe some kind of '#sidebar-links' directive that pulls
> in a third wiki page, or maybe a separate page that associates page
> titles with sidebars.

or a simple convention (using moinmoin syntax):

   SideBar: <side bar title>
   * [link title]
   * [link title]
   * [link title]

before the rest of the content.

(this also lets you put the folder sidebar links on the folder "root" page)


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