VB to Python migration

Luis M. González luismgz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 09:39:23 CET 2006

I second the suggestion of using Boo for this case.
Why use Delphi or VB when you have a more "pythonic" first class .NET
You already have a very good IDE for creating your project
(SharpDevelop), which is free, open source and already has the Boo
bindings included (download here the latest version:

Boo is a perfect language for someone wanting to develop Windows GUI
apps because it has all the nice features and syntax of Python, while
being specifically created to run on the .NET framework.

However, if you still want to use pure Python, it won't take too long
to get what you need. Ironpython is in version 1.0 Beta 2, and moving
full steam towards a stable release.
I'm sure that soon it will be integrated to Visual Studio.

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