loading modules in debug

Andras Balogh andras.balogh at gmx.net
Thu Jan 26 17:59:17 CET 2006

The project I'm working on is written mainly C/C++, spiced with some 
Python scripts. Now, I have several dlls, which work both as a Python 
extension modules, exporting functions to Python via "initmodule", and 
as normal dynamic libraries, to which I link dynamically from within my 
C program.

The problem is that, in debug mode, Python expects every module name to 
be postfixed with _d, which makes my dynamic loading (using LoadLibrary) 
not work, unless I #ifdef it everywhere, and append _d to the dlls 
myself. I could do this, but I don't really like the idea. I'd be happy 
to use the release python interpreter in debug mode too, but the python 
header automatically pulls in the debug version.

Any ideas/suggestions what could I do?



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