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Wed Jan 11 00:59:19 CET 2006

Il 10 Jan 2006 15:31:34 -0800, nickpreiser at ha scritto:

> Hi Everyone,
> I trying to get a build of Python together to run on an Embedded Linux
> / Mips machine.

You can't do that out of the box. The main reason is that the Python
interpreter is run during the compilation process, and if you compile it
for mips it won't, of course, run on your pc.

I had found a page explaining a way of cross-compiling python, but it's
old, you'll need some kind of manual work to adapt it to 2.4 (unless you're
satisfied with 2.2, of course):

Or you could try surfing debian-mips package to see if you're lucky and
find a compatible package.

Best of all would be to host-compile python natively on the machine. Or you
could first compile a version on your PC, and then rename the executables
and edit the scripts...

If you're trying to compile it for an highly-embedded machine (something
like Linksys WRT series or any of the AR7-based routers around) I must tell
you I've tried something like that before, and I just partly succeeded: I
got what I think was a working python interpreter, but those machines are
so memory-limited (mine had 8MB I think) I couldn't have it work.

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