python coding contest

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Jan 1 20:04:38 EST 2006

Christian Tismer <tismer at> wrote:

> Hans Nowak wrote:
> >    ...  for u in(3,14,10))
> > 
> > can be written as:
> > 
> >    ...  for u in 3,14,10)
> > 
> > which would shave off a character.  Tuples don't always need parentheses...
> This would work with a list comprehension.
> Doesn't work with a generator expression
> (thought of it, too, and the list comprehension eats one char)

Right.  I asked Guido about that, as he put together the 120-chars
submission of "Team Google" (including some input from me and others),
and he says it's to avoid (human) ambiguity, much like the reason the
parentheses are mandatory in [(a,b) for ...].


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