Filename case-insensitivity on OS X

Dan Lowe dan at
Thu Jan 5 12:10:39 EST 2006

On Jan 4, 2006, at 4:32 AM, Michael Anthony Maibaum wrote:

> You can choose if HFS+ behaves in a case-preserving, case-insensitive
> or case-sensitive manner. See man newfs_hfs. Case sensitive is not
> supported on the 'System' volume, but I have several external disks
> using it without a problem for do general unix-like development
> projects.

For people without an external disk sitting around, note that you can  
also do this via a mountable disk image. Here's an example to create  
a case-sensitive HFS+ image:

hdiutil create -size 10m -fs "Case-sensitive HFS+" -volname MyVolume  

For more information, try "hdiutil create" or "man hdiutil".


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