has has.temp2 at virgin.net
Tue Jan 31 17:36:46 CET 2006

thakadu wrote:
> I did not try PyMeldLite because the HTML I am using is exactlty that:
> HTML and not XHTML.

FWIW, HTMLTemplate is pretty lax and not restricted to XHTML. The only
XML-ish requirement is that elements need to be properly closed if
they're to be used as template nodes, e.g. <p node="con:desc">...</p>
and <img node="con:foto" />, not <p node="con:desc">... and <img
node="con:foto">. Otherwise, it should cope with pretty much any old
markup as long as HTMLParser can make sense of it.

> and I get a lot of invalid HTML from the designers

You might consider throwing HTMLTidy <http://tidy.sourceforge.net/> at

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