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> > > My goal is to make my conf files into a decent drop-in so you just put
> > > them in your .vim directory and go, and post them next week.
> >
> > OK, thank you.
> >
> FYI, I am still working on this but some changes in vim 7 are requiring
> more work than I expected.

I suspected that it might be taking longer than you thought.  No hurry 
from my end.

> On the bright side, there are some nice
> features that will allow for cool stuff like debugger info (after
> running in a debugger, you'll be able to mouse over variables and get
> tooltip popups with their values, etc) when it's done.  I'm talking
> with Bram Moolenaar (vim author) on the vim-dev mailing list to try to
> get things squared away.

Thank you for your efforts.
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