Match First Sequence in Regular Expression?

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Jan 26 09:34:04 EST 2006

 > Say I have some string that begins with an arbitrary
 > sequence of characters and then alternates repeating the
 > letters 'a' and 'b' any number of times, e.g.
 > "xyz123aaabbaabbbbababbbbaaabb"
 > I'm looking for a regular expression that matches the
 > first, and only the first, sequence of the letter 'a', and
 > only if the length of the sequence is exactly 3.
 > Does such a regular expression exist?  If so, any ideas as
 > to what it could be?

I'm not quite sure what your intent here is, as the
resulting find would obviously be "aaa", of length 3.

If you mean that you want to test against a number of
things, and only find items where "aaa" is the first "a" on
the line, you might try something like

	import re
	listOfStringsToTest = [
	r = re.compile("[^a]*(a{3})b+(a+b+)*")
	matches = [s for s in listOfStringsToTest if r.match(s)]
	print repr(matches)

If you just want the *first* triad of "aaa", you can change
the regexp to

	r = re.compile(".*?(a{3})b+(a+b+)*")

With a little more detail as to the gist of the problem,
perhaps a better solution can be found.  In particular, are
there items in the listOfStringsToTest that should be found
but aren't with either of the regexps?


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