Using non-ascii symbols

Christoph Zwerschke cito at
Tue Jan 24 13:01:12 EST 2006

Rocco Moretti schrieb:
> My point still stands: _somewere_ along the way the rendering got messed 
> up for _some_ people - something that wouldn't have happened with the 
> <=, >= and != digraphs.

Yes, but Python is already a bit handicapped concerning posting code 
anyway because of its significant whitespace. Also, I believe once 
Python will support this, the editors will allow converting "digraphs" 
<=, >= and != to symbols back and forth, just as all editors learned to 
convert tabs to spaces back and forth... And newsreaders and mailers are 
also improving. Some years ago, I used to write all German Umlauts as 
digraphs because you could never be sure how they arrived. Nowadays, I'm 
using Umlauts as something very normal.

-- Christoph

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