ANN: Introduction to Event-Driven Programming

Carl Cerecke cdc at
Mon Jan 23 15:11:29 EST 2006

Randall Parker wrote:
> Steve,
> This is an aside: I'd love to see someone implement in Python a
> framework similar to the Quantum Leaps Quantum Framework for
> event-driven programming. I think Python has some features that lend
> themselves to a neater implementation than what can be done in C/C++.
> More generally, I'd like to see an event driven framework which would
> be more declarative than the Quantum Framework. Rather than write code
> for most transitions it should be possible to declare in data what
> various events cause as transitions from states to states. Then
> optionally hang pointers to code for things to do before transitioning.
> Even let the code return a flag to test for whether to transition.

There's a small discussion in this group currently regarding efficiently 
representing state machines in python (without resorting to bytecode 
hacks) under the thread "Python code written in 1998, how to 
improve/change it?". That would be a part of what you want.


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