Is 'everything' a refrence or isn't it?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Jan 13 08:43:49 CET 2006

Bryan Olson <fakeaddress at> writes:
> rurpy at wrote:
>> The reason is that I am still trying to figure out
>> what a value is myself.  Do all objects have values?
> Yes.

Can you justify this, other than by quoting the manual whose problems
caused this question to be raised in the first place?

>> What the value of object()?  A few weeks ago I turned
>> to that page for enlightenment, with the results I reported.
> I think type 'object' has only one value, so that's it.

In that case, they should all be equal, right?

>>> object() == object()

Looks like they have different values to me.

Or maybe an object is valueless, in spite of what the manual says.

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