simple pythonpath query

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jan 19 07:37:04 EST 2006

[marc.wyburn at]

| I've downloaded the hypertext module and put it in the
| folder.  I would have thought that since the lib directory is in the
| Pythonpath,I would be able to import python scripts from
| C:\Python24\Lib\HyperText.  I also tried including
| C:\Python24\Lib\HyperText to
| HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\2.4\PythonPath but no
| joy.  Am I missing something very simple here?  Thanks, Marc

I take it that's Andy Dustman's HyperText package? One thing
to bear in mind (given that you haven't said what happened
when you tried) is that the package itself offers little --
ie if you do "import HyperText" you won't get much; you
need to do something like "from HyperText import HTML".

That said, I have it installed under site-packages
(ie c:\python24\lib\site-packages) which is more designed
for external modules/packages. The lib directory itself
is rather for Python-supplied modules.

Not sure if that all helps, but if you want to offer
a traceback or error message, we might see some more.


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