how do "real" python programmers work?

kpd kevin.dahlhausen at
Wed Jan 18 09:26:06 EST 2006

I have a python file type setup in Vim.  When I hit F9, it saves the
file and executes it in a python shell.

My _vimrc:

filetype on
autocmd FileType python call FileType_Python()

" Python coding
function! TryPython()
    :!python %

function! FileType_Python()
    map <F9>    :call TryPython()<cr>
    map! <F9>    <esc>:call TryPython()<cr>
    set makeprg=python\ %
    set errorformat=\ \ File\ \"%f\",\ line\ %l,
    so ~/vimfiles/indent/python.vim
    so ~/vimfiles/bike.vim
    so ~/vimfiles/python_calltips.vim

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