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>Aahz wrote:
>>>the sample site contains ~600 pages.  each page has been automatically
>>>translated from sources to moinmoin markup, and then stored
>>>in a moinmoin 1.5 instance.  a separate component has then extracted the
>>>pages from moinmoin, and converted them XHTML fragments for rendering.
>> That looks pretty good.  The most serious bug I've found so far in your
>> conversion is the missing form for grabbing SF bugs/patches on
>> just after "Links for Developers"
>forms and tables are not handled well, and there are lots of minor issues
>with the current html->moin converter (it's a 2x15-minute hack, after all).

That's fine, just wanted to make sure it wasn't getting lost in the

>> I'm curious what you plan to do for handling sidebar links, especially
>> context-sensitve ones that change as you switch between sections of the
>> site.
>I think I mentioned this in an earlier post; simply adding a special SideBar
>link list at the top of a page should be good enough
>   SideBar: <side bar title>
>   * [link title]
>   * [link title]
>   * [link title]
>    <rest of page>

Hrm.  So you're suggesting that each page have a manually-created
sidebar?  One thing I do like about the current (and currently planned
future) setup is that it's easy to create a custom sidebar for a section
of the website.  (E.g. all the dev pages have the same sidebar.)
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