How can I determine an HTTPMessage ?

EP eric.pederson at
Wed Jan 11 22:35:07 EST 2006

if you bought him a beer in the future he would owe you less than a
beer today due to the time value of beer (which is, amazingly, much
greater than the time value of money)  If he buys you a beer today, you
will need to go back to the future, and we must all hope this equation
converges on an cross-time equilibrium when dealing only in integer
beers.  ("call me XAH!")


in case the OP was looking for HTTP codes, there is a list here (among
many other places)

now the OP may ask "How do I determine the HTTP response code when I am
using the urllib2 module such as in the following code:  ..."

but we will wait for that question (I propose) so as not to force the
OP into serious future-beer debt.


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