Problem compiling Tkinter program with bmp images using py2 erkidevries at
Wed Jan 25 22:20:01 EST 2006

Problem compiling Tkinter program with bmp images (using py2exe)

I have a Tkinter gui program that uses bmp as backgrounds.

The program itself works when I run from the source.
I placed the .bmp files in the same folder as the script.
I run my .py script (from IDLE) and all the backgrounds are loaded as intended.

in my script I load the images like this:

root = Tk()
im ='backg2.bmp')
photo1 = PIL.ImageTk.PhotoImage(im)

iminfo ='backg3.bmp')
photo2 = PIL.ImageTk.PhotoImage(iminfo)

imlabel ='backg4.bmp')
photo4 = PIL.ImageTk.PhotoImage(imlabel)

and put them on the widgets like this:

Label(win, text=message, background=rgb(150,150,120), image=photo2).pack()

Now, I want the same program to run as exe file on another computer, so I compiled it with py2exe.
I copied the bmp's to the same folder as my executable.
When I try to run the compiled exe i get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 461, in ?
  File "PIL\Image.pyo", line 1745, in open
IOError: cannot identify image file

Are there specific things to take care of when compiling a tkinter program with bitmap backgrounds?


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