HOWTO Send a string???

Martin Franklin mfranklin1 at
Mon Jan 23 09:41:03 EST 2006

Sbaush wrote:
> Hi all.
> In my application I have to do implement a lot of networking in python
> My application can create with a GUI a XML file in a string.(and now my
> application can do it wow!!)
> This string has to be sended to another host. i need a python application
> that send this string via UDP.
> The packet of this communication is |int|payload| where payload is the XML
> string.
> After the send my application has to wait for a response and has to receive
> response.
> For the heaven it should be implemented with separated thread. A thread
> send/receive while another indipendent thread do same.
> Have you any ideas to do it more simply as possible?
> What is the best way to di it??
> What is the best way to thread programming in python?
> Thanks all for your help with me!
> --

for python & socket how to :

You may also want to look at:

which gives you a pythonic solution


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