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Thu Jan 26 22:47:18 EST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> How does
> look?


This is a great writeup. Here are my comments:

1. "Fortunately Python is something that an experienced programmer of 
another language (be it ..."

Add C# and/or Java to this list. The current list might scare away a lot 
of people ;).

2. "also available as the python-list mailing list"

Add "or a google group (link)".

3. "You may want to find out which text editors* are tailored to make 
Python editing* easy"

Change at two places:
You may want to find out which text editors or IDEs 
( are 
tailored to make Python programming easy.

4. Typo: look for 'welcomne'

5. There seems to be a great overlap between this and what could go in 
the 'For Developers' section. Maybe we need only one section ('For 
Developers'?) In general many pages with overlapping content confuse me 
(and probably others)

6. The 'About' page should have an additional section:

Python is Popular

Thousands of developers use Python to make themselves more productive in 
application domains across the board - enterprise computing, web 
development, game development, scientific and numerical computing, 
embedded and mobile development and more. See `Success Stories` and 
`Quotes` to discover more.


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