Python or Java or maybe PHP?

James fphsml at
Tue Jan 3 09:55:50 EST 2006

Guido's concerns about preserving simplicity resonate well with me.
Maybe I am just a kid excited with his new toy. I have always admired
macros. Quite a few functional languages have them now. But they have
always been in languages with sub-optimal community code base, which
meant I never went too deep into any of those languages. So I never
used any macro supported language for long to have strong opinions
about any one implementation.

However, Logix's implementation looks rather interesting. By creating
sub languages that are close to but isolated from Python, it does not
really mess with the existing language but creates nice oppurtunities
to encapsulate boiler-plate code structures when the need arises.

I would not necessarily expect such functionality to be in the standard
distribution but language oriented programming could just be another
jewel in Python's multi-paradigm crown and set it distinctly apart from
competitors like Ruby.

Do you have any specific comments towards Logix's implementation?

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