msvcp71.dll and Python 2.4

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Back on 8-Feb-05, "Martin v. Löwis" martin at <>  said:
>> "An application should use and redistribute msvcr71.dll, and it should
>> avoid placing a copy or using an existing copy of msvcr71.dll in the
>> system directory. Instead, the application should keep a copy of
>> msvcr71.dll in its application directory with the program executable."

>Yes. This means to install it into the directory containing python.exe.
>Unfortunately, this does not work if your extension is then used in
>an embedded Python, e.g. one running as a COM object. In this case,
>python.exe will not be the main executable, but, say, outlook.exe will
>be. So Microsoft's recommendation to install the DLL into the EXE
>directory is flawed for COM and other embedded cases. This is
>precisely the reason why the Python installer installs both python24.dll
>and msvcr71.dll into system32.
[emphasis mine]
I'm using ActivePython 2.4.2 and its installer does NOT install msvcr71.dll into system32, nor anywhere else that I can see.  But it does need it!  Does anyone have any idea why this .dll file is missing from the ActivePython 2.4.2 installation?  
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