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Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Wed Jan 18 03:06:25 EST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:

Hm. Am I the only one not particularly impressed? Sure the front page is 
'slick' but a few clicks reveal a fairly shallow facade of marketing 
material, with no real content. In general gives the impression of 
'phony' company trying to make a big impression. Most good non-tech 
managers are very wary of such organizations/companies.

My gripes with the whole thing:

1. Learn why.., Learn why.., Learn more..? Unless each one takes you 
directly to a great success story, these should be removed.

2. There is no (published) Python success story for Google. So link to looks phony. What does 'Google written in Python' mean 
anyway? The server is Python? One backend script is in 
Python? Without more information, this just seems likes a shameless 
attempt to create credibility. (Sure I know Google uses Python 
extensively, but I'm not the one who needs to be sold on Python).

3. What is PyXP? Windows XP? Extreme Programming? Again, there is 
nothing underneath. Where is the NASA success story?

4. I have a lot of respect for GvR, but there ought to be more 
advertising of the fact that the language is not supported by just one 
person. There is an great dev team behind it and a stable PSF 
organization. Anyone reading 'developed by one person' is not left with 
the fuzzy feeling of a mature, well-supported product that is here to stay.

5. A 'more..' link under Written in Python is sorely missing. It appears 
only 5-6 apps are written in Python. Where is a link to the cheese shop?

Managers are looking for maturity, stability, support and unique 
strengths, not coolness or flashy sites (though presentation definitely 

Hopefully most of these will get fixed as people 'convert' the site and 
fill in content. I would urge people to do some 'user' testing - get 
persons not very familiar with Python and get their honest opinion on 
the site.

The only think I liked was the 'Using Python For' section on the home page.

That's all for now.


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