HELP! on wxPython Error

Franz Steinhaeusler franz.steinhaeusler at
Mon Jan 9 04:58:03 EST 2006

On Mon, 2 Jan 2006 21:44:11 +0600, Suranga Sarukkali
<surangasa at> wrote:

>Hello, I'm Sam and I've been under som trouble with using wxPython
>that when I try to execute code containing wxPython gui programs
>provided with wxPython geting started sample progams it's giving a
>error but when I type the code to the shell prompt it works fine. Is
>it beacus I'm on windows or will I have to download again? or is it
>else. Please answer my deeply troblesome question replying to me at
>surangasa at

Is the wxPython Demo working?
What Getting Started Code are you referring to?
Can you show us the code?
Did you get any tracebacks?
Franz Steinhaeusler

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