An app without GUI

Daniel Crespo dcrespo at
Tue Jan 10 14:01:43 EST 2006

Hello to all,

I have to build a server app without GUI. This app must be an xml-rpc
server, so it has to be up all the time. I would control it through the
xml-rpc port from a web interface using php, sending parameters to
defined xml-rpc functions for running certain processes, like viewing
current connections, restart it or shutting it down, for example.

Actually, I have it implemented with wxPython. The GUI controls when
the xml-rpc server is running, so when I close the GUI, so does the
server and all the dependent threads.

I want to do something like the MainLoop(), but without GUI. I can sit
down and build all this stuff, but I would like to know if someone had
passed through this. Any tips?



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