multiple clients updating same file in ftp

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Tue Jan 10 17:00:53 EST 2006

Preface the update with a rename.  If the rename fails,
someone else is updating the file, if it succeeds update
the file and rename back when finished.

Suggestion: ftp is not the best way to handle such a task.
Use a database, XMLRPC or sockets is probably a better

-Larry Bates

muttu2244 at wrote:
> hi all
> am updating the same file in ftp, through multiple clients, but am
> scared that two clients may open the same file at a time, and try
> updating, then the data updated by one data will be lost.
> So i have to provide some lock mechanism to that file in ftp, so how
> can i lock it, if one client opens it for updating, so that till it
> gets relased it cannot be updated by other clients.
> Could u please suggest me the simple solutions through the python code.
> thanks for the help
> Yogi

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