Needing a WinXP Python variant of a line of code

Ron Rogers Jr. CronoCloud at
Mon Jan 30 19:32:43 EST 2006

Tim Golden wrote:
> [Ron Rogers Jr.]
> | I have this line of code that's written with Linux in mind:
> | 
> | path_to_nethack_logfile = os.popen("locate logfile | grep 
> | nethackdir").read()
> | 
> | and I'm wanting a Windows equivalent, any suggggestions?
> Well, you could obviously use os.walk to write something 
> (cross-platform) which would search the entire filesystem 
> for a filename matching the pattern you're after.

Thank you.  I'm very new to Python, only bought my first book in the 
last couple of weeks, and hadn't read about os.walk yet.

> But there's no universal Windows equivalent to the Unix
> locate database. More recent Wins do offer you the system
> indexing catalog (or whatever it's called) and I'm sure
> there are existing apps to do the same sort of thing with
> more or less flair and automation, but there's nothing
> which is guaranteed to be there.

Ah... I thought that perhaps there was a built in command line tool that 
does what that "search dog" does.that I didn't know about.  I am not as 
familiar with the Windows command prompt as I probably should be.

Thanks again.

CronoCloud (Ron Rogers Jr.)

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